13 Sep 2011    Reports/ Presentations
Cottier, Thomas , Sieber-Gasser, Charlotte

Trade Policy, Investment and Migration: The Liberalisation Paradigm

Trade Policy, Investment and Migration: The Liberalisation Paradigm

Presentation by Thomas Cottier & Charlotte Sieber-Gasser prepared for the Markets for Migration and Development (M4MD) Conference, Bern, 13-15 September 2011.

This presentation is part of Session 1 "Why Trade, Development and Migration?" of the M4MD conference, which was one of the thematic meetings held in the context of the 2011 Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) chaired by Switzerland.

Session 1 seeked to understand to what extent international trade and foreign direct investment drives migration and why states find it more difficult to liberalise the trans‐boundary movement of persons than to liberalise cross‐border trade in goods and services. One discussed aspect was why globalisation, trade liberalisation and FDI can lead not only to more, but also to less migration and what the corresponding effects on development would be.

This Session provided a timely opportunity to broaden the perspective on
international migration and explore the interaction between migration, development and trade policymaking.

Presentation slides, PDF