3 Oct 2023

Meet the new Executive Committee of the WTI Alumni Association

We are happy to announce the results of the elections of the second Executive Committee of the WTI Alumni Association (WTIAA).

Following last month's elections, the second Executive Committee of the WTI Alumni Association will be composed as follows:

Congratulations to the new Executive Committee members! We wish them much success in making the WTIAA a lively and interactive association.

The aim is to connect former MILE/TRAIL+ and PhD alumni. Students are most welcome to join as observers. We thank all the candidates who participated in the elections. Their motivation and willingness to dedicate their time to this endeavour is much appreciated.

We are pleased to announce that the following Regional Chapters have also been set up:

  • Head Geneva Chapter: Joachim Monkelbaan, MILE 4
  • Heads India Chapter: Harsh Hiroo Gursahani, MILE 11 and Esha Sandhu, TRAIL+3
  • Heads Africa Chapter: Jacquiline Pimer, MILE 10 and Azwimpheleli Langalanga, MILE 12
  • Head Brussels Chapter: Stella Nalwoga, MILE 21
  • Head Asia Regional Committee: Jian Guan, MILE 12 (under discussion)

We thank the members of the first Executive Committee for all their work and commitment to set up the WTI Alumni Association! And we look forward to the future activities of the WTIAA with the second Executive Committee.