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30 Sep 2020 | News

'The Future of Trade Policy and External Cooperation': Recap of the 2020 World Trade Forum

Discussions during this year's World Trade Forum focussed primarily on trade conflicts between large economies, general tensions in world trade and possible solutions. In addition, possibilities were discussed how future cooperation in international trade can be strengthened. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Trade Forum was held online for …

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23 Jun 2020 | News

Pandemic and the Global Economy: A virtual workshop series

National policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis have included cooperation replaced by competition, including export restrictions, efforts to re-localize global supply chains, and efforts to regulate the overseas production of MNEs. This workshop will examine issues and challenges raised by recent experience.

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5 Mar 2020 | News

BBC Radio 5 Live: Joseph Francois appears on The Emma Barnett Show

The Emma Barnett show regularly features big-name interviews, original journalism and news-making stories.

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3 Dec 2019 | News

Economic growth, sectoral structures, and environmental methane footprints

A new WTI publication on the relation between economic growth, trade, and sectoral methane emissions is now available open access from Applied Economics.

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8 Nov 2019 | News

WTI hosts workshop on impact of trade wars

The World Trade Institute (WTI) is hosting a one-day workshop on ‘Trade Wars and their Impact on Global Trade and Small Economies’ on 21 November. The event is jointly organised with the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, Taipei, Taiwan.

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25 Oct 2019 | News

World Trade Forum 2019 considers threats to multilateral trading system

The 2019 World Trade Forum is underway in Bern. The two-day conference – this year on the topic ‘Multilateralism at Risk' - brings together leading trade practitioners and scholars, government officials, representatives of international and non-governmental organisations and civil society organisations.

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18 Oct 2019 | News

WTI takes part in World Resources Forum 2019

The World Trade Institute (WTI) will participate in a workshop at the World Resources Forum which is taking place in Geneva on 23 and 24 October.

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24 Sep 2019 | News

TIISA annual conference and PhD workshop held at WTI

The first annual conference of the transnational Jean Monnet Network of Trade and Investment in Services Associates (TIISA) took place at the World Trade Institute (WTI) on 20-21 September.

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14 Sep 2019 | News

WTI hosts world’s biggest international trade conference in anniversary year

The World Trade Institute (WTI) was proud to host the annual conference of the European Trade Study Group (ETSG), which this year marks its 20th anniversary. The conference ran from 12 to 14 September at the University of Bern.

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4 Jul 2019 | News

The 2018-19 Advanced Master Programmes have come to an end

At the end of June, the 2018-19 MILE and TRAIL+ classes finished their programmes with two busy days in Geneva followed by the Closing Ceremony in Bern.

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21 May 2019 | News

Register today for the WTI’s Summer Academy 2019

The WTI’s Summer Academy 2019 runs from 3-20 June 2019. These week-long courses are designed for working professionals with limited time who are interested in international economic governance, trade and investment.

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31 Jan 2018 | News

WTI and Ecuadorean university USFQ sign cooperation agreement

The World Trade Institute (WTI) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), Ecuador.

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9 Jan 2018 | News

Opening up the northern sea route will “change the face of trade”

With the Arctic ice melting faster than ever before it is now just a matter of time until the northern sea route connecting Europe to Asia is open to shipping all year round.

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29 Nov 2017 | News

WTI launches new sustainability project

The WTI has won funding for a major new research project entitled, ‘Switzerland’s Sustainability Footprint: Economic and Legal Challenges’.

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20 Sep 2017 | News

2017-18 graduate study programmes open

On 18 September the WTI held a ceremony to officially launch the 2017-2018 graduate studies programme and welcome new students to the institute.

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11 Sep 2017 | News

Graduate study programmes set to open

On 18 September a ceremony will take place at the WTI to launch the 2017-2018 graduate study programmes.

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25 Jul 2017 | News

WTI Lecturer Videos: Joseph Francois

Professor Francois gives a foretaste of his course on International Economics, which will be taught in the first semester of the Master of International Law and Economics (MILE) programme that opens on 18 September.

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26 Jun 2017 | News

A MILEstone in the lives of our students

The 17th Master of International Law and Economics (MILE) programme came to an official close on 23 June with a ceremony at the University of Bern attended by students and faculty members.

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23 Sep 2016 | News

World Trade Forum 2016 draws to a close

'Behind-the-Border Policies and Global Trade' was the theme of the World Trade Forum 2016 that took place from 23 to 24 September at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

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24 Jun 2016 | News

WTI lands prestigious European research project

The World Trade Institute (WTI) has won sought-after European Union financial backing for a project examining the role of local authorities in tackling climate change.

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10 Jun 2016 | News

WTI completes core academic team

The WTI is pleased to announce the arrival of new professors in the coming months to enhance the Institute’s teaching offer and complete its core group of academic staff.

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27 Jan 2016 | News

WTI study: TTIP to bring benefits to EU

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is expected to deliver a range of economic and social benefits for EU citizens and businesses, a study by the World Trade Institute (WTI) of the University of Bern has found.

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20 Jan 2016 | News

WTI takes part in first Spirit of Bern

The Spirit of Bern – a new platform for dialogue – held its inaugural meeting in Bern on 18 January.

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16 Oct 2015 | News

r4d researchers pay site visit to Ethiopia

WTI researchers on the Employment Project of the Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development (r4d) are conducting a four-day site visit to Ethiopia that includes a workshop and roundtable discussion at Addis Ababa University.

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25 Sep 2015 | News

Successful World Trade Forum concludes

The 2015 World Trade Forum on the topic 20 Years of the WTO: Past Performance and Ongoing Challenges has drawn to a close after two days of lively discussion in Bern.

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24 Sep 2015 | News

Trade rules and the WTO: interview with Prof. Joseph Francois

The University of Bern online magazine Uniaktuell spoke to WTI Managing Director, Joseph Francois, ahead of this year’s World Trade Forum on ‘20 Years of the WTO’, which opens on 25 September. An English adaptation of the interview is reproduced here with kind permission.

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28 May 2015 | News

A Stocktaking of India’s Trade Policy: Past, Present and Future

A conference on India’s trade policy, past, present and future, jointly organised by the WTI and Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University has taken place in Delhi. It was attended by academics from leading institutions, senior policy makers, trade law practitioners, and representatives of civil society and private …

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11 Feb 2014 | News

New Faces at the WTI

2014 promises to be a year of change and challenge at the World Trade Institute. The third and final phase of the NCCR research project is underway and new staff and researchers are joining the team.

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