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Trade and Environmental Law

Trade and Environmental Law

Edited book by (eds.) Panagiotis Delimatsis and Leonie Reins, published by Edward Elgar Publishing as part of the Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law series, Vol. XI (2021).

This extensive volume of the Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law probes the essential concepts, contemporary research, and key elements of law at the intersection of international trade and international environmental law. Its succinct, structured entries provide a definitive and comprehensive assessment of the interactions between these fields, written by internationally renowned and recognized experts.

Analysing the key legal issues and questions raised by the impact of trade on the environment, the volume offers a thorough overview of the relationship between the World Trade Organization and the rules of environmental law, sustainability, and climate change. Each entry constitutes a nuanced and lucid introduction to the major cross-cutting topics in these dynamic fields, including examinations of national and regional approaches, WTO disputes, and the interface between trade, environment and areas such as human rights, investment and development.

Featuring 107 entries divided into seven thematic parts, this volume is a landmark reference work which will prove invaluable to academics, students and researchers in international trade and environmental law, as well as public international law more broadly. It will also be a key resource for practitioners, policymakers and government officials working in any aspect of trade and environment.

Several WTI affiliates have contributed to this book, including Sadeq Z. Bigdeli, Thomas Cottier, Ilaria Espa, Marina Foltea, Christian Häberli, Brigitta Imeli, Sufian Jusoh, David Kleimann, Gabrielle Marceau, Petros C. Mavroidis, Tetyana PayosovaIulianna Romanchyshyna, Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer, Charlotte Sieber-Gasser, Nadezhda Sporysheva and  Peter Van den Bossche.

Trade and Environmental Law