23 Jul 2019

2020 Winter and Summer Academies

Visit the Winter and Summer Academy page on our website to see the 2020 course lists. These week-long classes can be taken à la carte or with the aim of obtaining a certificate or diploma.

Winter Academy
20 January to 14 February

WTO Law on Border Measures and Trade Facilitation
20 – 24 January
Lecturers: Davide Rovetta and Roy Santana

WTO Law on Anti-Dumping and Safeguard Measures
27 – 31 January
Lecturers: Fernando Piérola and Edwin Vermulst

WTO Law on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
3 – 7 February
Lecturers: James Flett and Luca Rubini

The Law and Policy of Trade in Services
10 – 14 February
Lecturers: Pierre Sauvé and Jan Bohanes

Summer Academy
22 June to 17 July

Applied General Equilibrium Modelling on Trade Policy and Development
22 – 26 June
Lecturers: Eddy Bekkers, Hugo Rojas-Romagosa

WTO Law on TBT & SPS Measures
22 – 26 June
Lecturers: Arthur Appleton and Gabrielle Marceau

International Investment Law & Dispute Settlement: Current Developments
29 June – 3 July
Lecturers: Roberto Echandi and Georgios Petrochilos

Trade and Agriculture: New Challenges
6 – 10 July
Lecturers: Lee Ann Jackson and Christian Häberli

Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection
13 – 17 July
Lecturers: Felix Addor and Thomas Cottier

For course descriptions, ECTS, and details on how to apply, click here.